6913 Dawson Lane, Edina: A 50’s Classic

The Mid-Century Modern homes in Edina, the 1950’s ramblers, are disappearing fast. In-fill new construction homes are slowly (about 200/year) replacing many of these precious specimens, which are often considered passe in terms of their size, floor plans, and amenities, at least for larger households with money to spend. But there are still opportunities out there to own one. With solid 1950’s kiln dried wood and reliable construction practices that have stood the test of time, mid-century homes make great starter homes for those looking to get into Edina at an affordable price tag.

2015 Mid-Century Home Sales

In 2015 alone, there have been a number of sales under $350,000 of these great 1950’s homes. The Greater Cornelia Neighborhood, comprised of Lake Cornelia Neighborhood, Lake Edina Neighborhood, and South Cornelia Neighborhood, has produced many of these Edina home sales. In fact, if you’d like to see a great repertoire of 1950’s homes that are still selling like hotcakes, tkae a look at all the recent mid-century home sales in the Cornelia neighborhoods mentioned above. Many more can be found throughout Edina, and in particular in the Normandale Park Neighborhood just west of highway 100.

The Dawson Home

6913 Dawson Ln in Edina is a great example of all the 50’s has to offer. Inside, you have big picture windows, oak hardwood flooring, bleached oak trim, wood paneling, and colorful 1960’s wallpaper with patterns evocative of the era. There are two baths, both adorned with the original tile we have grown to love, one in powder blue, the other in pink. There are two wood-burning fireplaces, one in limestone and one in brick, both with three small stone ledges for objets. And then there is the brick façade and low-slung exterior that is a hallmark of the best 1950’s design. All this for just over $300,000! Check out the showcase below for full specs on this wonderful mid-century home:

6913 Property Showcase

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