Why Edina?

16 Aug 2017

What You Might Not Know About Relocation

The Twin Cities has always been a great place to raise families, do business, and learn. A significant portion of our business is working with transferees. Many come through our Sotheby’s International Realty network, while others come directly through our client relationships. What we offer these transferees is granular knowledge of the Twin Cities housing markets, and a seamless, world-class buying experience. Here are some of the scenarios where finding the right relocation expert matters.

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29 Jan 2016

Twin Cities & Edina Annual Housing Report

2016 was another solid year for the Twin Cities and Edina housing markets generally. Buyer activity was up again across the region, buoyed by low rates and unemployment. Seller activity was strong but inventory still somewhat restricted. Check out the details for Twin Cities, Edina, and Edina Luxury markets, including Country Club and Parkwood Knolls.

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09 Jun 2015

Edina Quality of Life Survey

There are many reasons to love Edina: convenient central location, fabulous lush parks and greenspace, excellent city services, low tax rates, top school district in the state, quality housing stock and neighborhoods, a thriving Southdale commercial and retail zone, high-quality medical services and hospitals, residents and businesses who invest time, talent, and treasure into the community.

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12 May 2015

Edina School District

Why Edina? The Edina School District is the #1 school district in the state for so many reasons, including near 100% graduation rates, the highest number of AP programs and number of students who actually pass the AP exams and receive college credit (around 88%), extremely high math and reading test…

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11 May 2015

City of Edina

Background The City of Edina has a population of 47,900+ and is located just a few miles from Downtown Minneapolis. Edina borders seven adjacent communities, including Minneapolis, Richfield, St. Louis Park, Bloomington, Hopkins, Minnetonka, and Eden Prairie. Indeed, this is what makes the Edina location so sensational: close enough to…

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09 Apr 2015

Edina MN Home Search By Neighborhood

One of the best parts of living in Edina: quality housing stock, in timeless, unique neighborhoods each with their own character and flavor. Very often, clients begin their search for an Edina home by focusing on one or more neighborhoods. To make it easier, I have organized a bunch of Edina-related searches.

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01 Mar 2015

Edina Chamber of Commerce

One of the most powerful tools I've found for doing business in Edina, MN is the Edina Chamber of Commerce. Having been part of business chambers before, I can tell you that I have never seen a more organized, committed, and generous group of chamber staff and volunteers than I have seen at the Edina Chamber.

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12 Feb 2015

Edina Athletic Boosters

One of the greatest reasons for moving to Edina is the excellent community support for youth athletics. The athletic support and activities start early here. First, you can enroll your toddlers in a variety of youth sports at the Southdale YMCA. Once they are school age, they can start to participate in Edina Youth Athletics.

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14 Dec 2014

Edina Education Fund

One of the organizations that makes our Edina community such a success is the Edina Education Fund. The Fund started in 1995 with a mission of maintaining and expanding Edina School District's tradition of excellence and innovation. The Edina Education Fund raises over $500,000 a year to support two major…

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